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VIIII. Nutritional Supplements for Relief of Muscle and Joint Pain

36. Okay, now that we have a basic understanding of the cause of chronic pain, what nutraceuticals can be utilized to lessen these pain-causing chemicals, like Substance P and inflammatory prostaglandins like PgE2 and LTB4?

Again, the most important thing you can do is remove all active and latent myofascial trigger points so your myofascial tissues and spinal cord do not over produce these pain-causing inflammatory-like chemicals. This is why I emphasize Self-care with the Fenix Rehab Systems.

To assist your rehabilitation of chronic muscle and joint pain, whether osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia you can utilize high quality nutraceuticals that contain standardized extracts of the herbs like Ginger, Curcumin also called Tumeric, Hops and Rosemary.

Numerous studies have found elevated levels of Substance P in the cerebrospinal fluid of fibromyalgia patients. Substance P has been found to cause excitation of the neurons in the spinal cord leading to Central Sensitization and increased pain, according to studies by Larson (2000) and Wu (2004) . A study by Ongi (1992) found that a component of standardized Ginger naturally inhibits Substance P. Research has also found that Ginger naturally lowers PgE2 and LTB4 the noxious chemicals that cause pain.

One study by Srivastava and Mustafa (1992) on 56 patients with chronic pain found 1,000mg to 4,000mg of standardized Ginger extracts to be very helpful. Of these 56 pain patients, 28 had rheumatoid arthritis, 18 osteoarthritis, and 10 with chronic muscular pains. Of the muscle pain patients 100% experienced pain relief and 75% of the osteoarthritis patients got relief with standardized extracts of Ginger. With these results it behooves chronic pain patients to try standardized Ginger. However, remember these studies were using high dosages of 1 to 4 grams, so make sure you are getting adequate levels of guaranteed potency products.

Another highly effective nutraceutical for herbal relief of minor pain is standardized extracts of Curcumin. Research has found the herb Tumeric or Curcumin (curcuma longa) to be a strong antioxidant and the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent. A study for Jobin reported in The Journal of Immunology (1992) found that standardized Curcumin actually decreased nociceptor sensitization and thus reduce chronic pain.

In these studies it was found to take effect in two weeks to one month. So don't give up to early, give it time to take effect.

An excellent nutraceutical product containing Curcumin and Ginger with guaranteed potency and purity is Biospec Inflam-Rx. Each tablet contains 250mg of Tumeric, which is Curcumin and 600mg of Ginger. For chronic musculoskeletal pain or fibromyalgia usually two tablets twice daily. Remember though to give it time, two to four weeks to be fully effective. Metagenics also has a product call Inflavonoid Intensive Care, which adds the herb Boswellia another good "natural anti-inflammatory."



37. You also mentioned that herbal extracts of Hops and Rosemary were helpful in chronic pain; could you tell us more about these herbs?

I am very excited about a specific formulation of Standardized extracts of Hops and Rosemary and its ability to safety lower pain and inflammation. The formula was developed and patented by Metagenics and is called Kaprex.

A recent double-blind placebo controlled study demonstrated the ability of this nutraceutical to reduce joint discomfort by up to 72%. This formula, even though natural and herbal based, was as effective as the best selling NSAIDs. Furthermore, in this study Kaprex safely lowered the pro-inflammatory PgE2 faster than the Cox 2 drug it was compared too. Also, and very importantly, Kaprex was found to deliver powerful joint relief without the potential adverse side-effect found with NSAIDs. Animal toxicity testing of Kaprex found no treatment related effects on major organ systems, including: heart, gastrointestinal, liver and kidney, unlike the commonly used NSAIDs for pain relief. These studies found that dosages of one Kaprex three times daily, had excellent effect on lowering the inflammatory chemical PgE2.

So with Kaprex an individual with muscle and joint pain problems, now has a fast-acting, long-lasting, effective natural pain-relief product that is easy on the stomach. Kaprex is now used by over 3,000 doctors nationwide. It is one of the best ways to can get a handle on your chronic pain and inflammation while you are working on releasing your pain-causing trigger points with a Fenix Rehab System.

However, as safe and effective as Kaprex it is not something someone wants to live-on, 30 tablets costs around $24.00. The goal is to lower your pain and inflammation short term with Kaprex while you rehabilitate the underlying muscle and joint problem. To maximize your pain relief take one Kaprex every 4 to 6 hours up to three caplets per day, for maximum benefits. Once your pain level is reduced try a less expensive nutraceutical for long term use such as Inflavonoid, which costs around $12.00 for 60 tablets.

38. Are there nutritional supplements that can specifically help with osteoarthritis?

Everything we have previously discussed is very helpful in cases of osteoarthritis and mild joint inflammation. It is helpful to have a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fats and red meat, and supplemented with 3 to 6 grams of EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty-acids. For greater pain and inflammation control you can add Standardized extracts Ginger and Curcumin combinations, such as Inflavonoid at two caplets two times daily. Or for a more powerful nutraceutical that is GI friendly and gives you excellent joint relief use Kaprex at one tablet three times daily.

(The above program should begin to give you effective, safe, natural management of your pain. For a detail explanation on the mechanisms of chronic pain and how the above nutraceuticals can naturally relieve pain and inflammation please see questions 31 to 37).

However, you can improve your odds in improving your joint function and reducing your levels of pain by using cartilage protective nutrients such as Glucosamine sulfate or Chondroitin. Numerous well done studies have shown these nutraceuticals to be very helpful in the management of osteoarthritis. These studies have demonstrated that Glucosamine sulfate can decrease pain, improve joint function and improve joint integrity, demons ratable able on x-ray. In other words, in these studies they were able to find x-ray improvement of osteoarthritis joint with Glucosamine sulfate supplementation.

Not only were these nutraceutical amazingly effective they were also safe without any toxicity or severe side-effects. Research has found that it takes at least four weeks to take effect, so don't give up to early. In some test subjects it took 3 months for Glucosamine to take effect on painful osteoarthritis joints. If you have no benefit by 6 months than stop, your joints are probably just too severely deteriorated. However, one study found objective improvement in the joint space of the arthritic joint on x-ray, even though there was no relief in pain subjectively.

It's important that you take a high enough dosage of a guaranteed potency product to get the results you desire. The suggested dosage range between 1 to 2 grams per day of the Glucosamine sulfate or HCL form. Generally 1500mg per day has been found to be effective in most research studies.

A good source is the Biospec Glucosamine 1000 with guaranteed potency and purity. The suggested dosage is one tablet two times daily for a total for 2000mg daily.

Glucosamine 1000

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